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    NorCraft is an PVP server where peoples are able to kill each others and take stuff from killed person...
    NorCraft is Made by: lolz and Mr_Icebeast4 it's also supported by Minecraft Company - (Mojang)...
    Server is Under Construction but it's really cool and peoples enjoy in it, For now we dont know on what is NorCraft place on Ranking list of Minecraft Server but we think we could be very sucessful, We have 10 joiners in just 2 days, today it's 3th day of NorCraft and Staff's are very fast and sucessful in building and expanding server... For now NorCraft is not so big but in next few days it should be done...
    Don't be afraid to visit us while we working - IP:
    For Staff list visit our Category "NorCraft Informations and News"
    More Informations will come out soon and you will be able to know them...

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