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    NorCraft-Ranks info

    Post  Admin on Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:53 pm

    Rank Info:

    OutSider: Outsider is rank that u get when you join server for first time!

    Builder: For Builder rank you must build something... it dont have to be estate, castle or something great and big it's important to build anything for This Rank!

    Merchant: Merchant is rank for what you have zo build something great awesome or Beautiful it's not easy to get it if you dont know how to build nice things... if u dont wanna build Donate 4$ and you will get Merchant!

    General: General is same rank as Merchant but there is little diference... to build town you need General rank...If you build your town and dont have General Rank your town will be Deleted!

    Knight: Knight is strictly payd rank there is no other way to get it... For that rank u got to pay 17$

    Squire: Squire is same as Knight stricty payd rank!
    pay 17$ to get it!

    Protector: Protector is border betwen Staff ranks and usual ranks... Protector rank isnt so easy to get... To get Protector Rank you must prove yourself in building and HELPING! Helping is most important in this Rank...When we see you are helpful you becoming Protector!

    Moderator: Play at least for month and apply we will recive u if we think u are reafy!

    Admin: Strictly payd rank!! 70$ to get it!

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